As a world traveler over many years I have seen great beauty in all cultures. The essence of beauty for me is like a kaleidoscope of love expressed through the richness of color, form, texture and the purpose it serves. Throughout history, humanity has proven that beauty is inherent within all that is created purely for utilitarian function and purpose. Wherever I am, I feel the essence of the creator when I hold a beautiful handicraft or textile made for everyday use, marriage dowry or following a unique cultural tradition. To create is to know our own true nature by the naturally emerging patterns found in the sacred geometry of our own biology and the natural world. This is what I have come to feel passionate about, the weaving of one world I have experienced in textiles all around the world, and this passion is what I would like to offer to inspire you. We are one world of beauty and beauty is who we are!

My sacred heart intention for this website is:

To honor, respect and support global indigenous people and their timeless handicraft and weaving traditions thus facilitating self reliant, healthy, empowered and prosperous lives for all.

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